Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Periodically, I'm going to remember this sweet and spicy cat with a photo and a comment. It helps to move through the grief process, I think. To say a long goodbye.

Ella was seven months old in this picture, and we were taking care of her in our home for a few days while her owners were out of state visiting our daughter-in-law's family. Our first contact with Ella, however, had been in their home. Ella had jumped from  a high window onto the top of the screen door and was clawing her way down the screen. 

This was a rental house, and I knew about cat's claws in screens...they left holes. So I reached to free her and lift her down.

She hissed at me! I jumped back. Between our home and the one I'd grown up in, I'd lived around at least eight cats - no more than two at once - and none of them had ever hissed at me.This was my introduction to the spicy side of the nature of dark tortoiseshell cats. They're loving, loyal and purring, but they know what they want and beware if you thwart them. 
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 Have a great week! I may be here this weekend with a cover reveal for My Sexy Saturday.

Dee Ann

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