Thursday, May 14, 2015


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A friend helped me find this fantastic image for my short story, A Night to Remember. I sent it to Carey Abbott, and she transformed it into this lovely cover. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't allow a larger size. It's more effective full size on my website

I love the feelings it conveys--the loneliness of driving in a snowstorm, the anxiety of not making it home safely and clutching the steering wheel as night closes in. Right now, the once 2,000 word story—which first appeared in the 2014 A Holiday Anthology Volume 2—is now approaching 3,000K as I lengthen it to expanded novella or novel length.

 Copyright 2014 by Dee Ann Palmer
 Cover design by Carey Abbott


It was the worst Christmas Eve Marlee had ever lived through. Providing she did live through it, she thought. People who longed for a white Christmas obviously didn’t expect it to come with a power outage and a blizzard like she was creeping along in in her old Nissan. 
Squinting to see, she switched the heat to the front and rear windshields. If she didn’t reach her house soon, the wipers wouldn’t be able to cut through the ice forming there. In just the last thirty minutes, the snow had thickened and the temperature had dropped. 
“You had to have a tree. Going out in a blizzard to get that puny thing in the backseat masquerading as a Christmas tree was stupid,” she scolded herself.

The tree remained silent. 
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  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

She would follow me around some mornings, and I knew she wanted to curl up with someone for her morning nap. I'd lie down on our bed to put my eye drops in, and she would curl up on the bolster above my head. If I'd been writing into the wee hours of the day, I often fell asleep. When I wakened she'd be mirroring me, stretched out as you see her here.

Who says house cats are not pack animals? I was obviously an Alpha in this household. 

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