Thursday, May 14, 2015


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A friend helped me find this fantastic image for my short story, A Night to Remember. I sent it to Carey Abbott, and she transformed it into this lovely cover. Unfortunately, Blogger doesn't allow a larger size. It's more effective full size on my website

I love the feelings it conveys--the loneliness of driving in a snowstorm, the anxiety of not making it home safely and clutching the steering wheel as night closes in. Right now, the once 2,000 word story—which first appeared in the 2014 A Holiday Anthology Volume 2—is now approaching 3,000K as I lengthen it to expanded novella or novel length.

 Copyright 2014 by Dee Ann Palmer
 Cover design by Carey Abbott


It was the worst Christmas Eve Marlee had ever lived through. Providing she did live through it, she thought. People who longed for a white Christmas obviously didn’t expect it to come with a power outage and a blizzard like she was creeping along in in her old Nissan. 
Squinting to see, she switched the heat to the front and rear windshields. If she didn’t reach her house soon, the wipers wouldn’t be able to cut through the ice forming there. In just the last thirty minutes, the snow had thickened and the temperature had dropped. 
“You had to have a tree. Going out in a blizzard to get that puny thing in the backseat masquerading as a Christmas tree was stupid,” she scolded herself.

The tree remained silent. 
Watch for it this summer, when a cool winter romance can ease the heat of a sizzling day. For Kindle, Nook, on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and All Romance eBooks                        

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She would follow me around some mornings, and I knew she wanted to curl up with someone for her morning nap. I'd lie down on our bed to put my eye drops in, and she would curl up on the bolster above my head. If I'd been writing into the wee hours of the day, I often fell asleep. When I wakened she'd be mirroring me, stretched out as you see her here.

Who says house cats are not pack animals? I was obviously an Alpha in this household. 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Periodically, I'm going to remember this sweet and spicy cat with a photo and a comment. It helps to move through the grief process, I think. To say a long goodbye.

Ella was seven months old in this picture, and we were taking care of her in our home for a few days while her owners were out of state visiting our daughter-in-law's family. Our first contact with Ella, however, had been in their home. Ella had jumped from  a high window onto the top of the screen door and was clawing her way down the screen. 

This was a rental house, and I knew about cat's claws in screens...they left holes. So I reached to free her and lift her down.

She hissed at me! I jumped back. Between our home and the one I'd grown up in, I'd lived around at least eight cats - no more than two at once - and none of them had ever hissed at me.This was my introduction to the spicy side of the nature of dark tortoiseshell cats. They're loving, loyal and purring, but they know what they want and beware if you thwart them. 
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 Have a great week! I may be here this weekend with a cover reveal for My Sexy Saturday.

Dee Ann

Friday, May 1, 2015



This short story's original erotic version - Dark Stranger - was a 2004 Amber Heat Wave Contest winner. With a new title and the sex toned down from erotic to sensual, here is the soon-to-be-released Midnight Rider.

Setting: A small casita on a rancho when Mexico owned California. Jenny has been hired to care for ranch owner Don Rafael Navarro's frail aunt. She's rescued unconscious Rafael in a dangerous storm.

...If Rafael wakened, he at least had the privacy of that blanket. If he wanted it. Would he guess Jenny had seen his entire, beautiful body naked? Probably. And would he like the idea? No doubt. He was a a man - a man's man - who also enjoyed women. She smiled. She’d certainly enjoyed seeing him in all his masculine glory.

She sighed. The sight would have to last a long, long time.

 Look for it soon on Kindle, Nook and Smashwords

 Dee Ann Palmer

Remembering - our beautiful Ella 2003-2015