Friday, March 4, 2016

#MySexySaturday - Dee Ann Palmer and View From The Top

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My Work In Progress is retooling an older story...View From The Top
I hope to self publish it soon.
Their passion melts the sand to glass on the beaches of southern California.
(Keegan is learning her father's construction business from the bottom up. In this scene she's roofing.)
As she sank to her padded knees and reached to position a square, she became aware of movement in the windows of a house below the condos where she worked. This in itself wasn’t unusual. The half-naked man she saw was.
Keegan inhaled sharply at the bronzed body with its taut, well-defined pecs, and abs. A dark mat of fine hair covered his chest, narrowing as it angled down to white Jockeys—the sole item of clothing covering his body’s perfect proportions. She stopped the wolf whistle forming on her lips. There was no need to create the illusion among the men she worked with that she was a female “Peeping Tom”...
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