Friday, January 16, 2015


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HAPPY NEW YEAR! And away we go...with 32 authors offering free quick reads of 7 seven words, sentences or paragraphs that are sweet, to sensual or erotic.

Mine are from A Night to Remember, the contemporary romance I began for the Exquisite Quills' anthology of winter tales. (It's free at Smashwords and Barnes and Noble.) Didn't think I could write a short story in 2,000 words, but I did. Now I need to continue it into an extended novella.

Dee Ann's 7 sentences...

He swung toward her, knelt and sat back, his well shaped bottom on his heels, his muscular thighs outlined by snug ski pants. Marlee avoided looking at the male fulness between his hips.

Jim's hands were warm on her woolen socks. "Cold feet," he said.

"Warm heart," she countered.

"I'll bet." His smile crinkled his face and his cognac colored eyes danced.