Thursday, January 29, 2015


For My Sexy Saturday, here are my sentences. 

This was not real. She was not real. But they played.

Rowan studied her face as Christiana considered his chess moves and what her response should be. He learned she always licked her lower lip just before she made a move that bested him. Time and again he watched the pink tongue moisten that lip, watched her slender but strong fingers move the board piece, saw the sparkle in her eyes when she looked up to see his reaction to her move.

Once he sat back and laughed.
He just shook his head and made his next move.

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   Dee Ann Palmer 
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  1. Very sensual image - especially for a person who's never seen a naked man before.


    1. As a student RN, in a more puritanical age, our dermatology professor threw the image of a rash on the torso of a young man on a huge screen. A huge gasp erupted from the all female class members. Most of us were twenty years old and had obviously never seen nude male anatomy. Of course I called on that experience for this scene. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Gulp! Gulp! right there with Christiana.

  3. That first time is a great experience, isn't it? LOL Thanks for commenting.

  4. What a great snippet, Dee Ann! I got the sense that they were both thrown off a bit by their dress. :-)