Monday, January 9, 2017

All Romance eBooks closed December 31, 2016

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Here's the story behind the closure of All Romance eBooks, formerly a great sales site. Public records indicate this to be a sad, sad story of shenanigans between the founding co-owners, who refuse to pay royalties due to publishers and authors who were doing business with them. Writers and publishers are upset not only because of being cheated—often of thousands of dollars—but because so many of us sold so well through this seller.

The books have disappeared from the removed site, but some publishers are offering to replace them free if you have proof of purchase. Most publishers are quickly finding a new outlet for the books which, if you haven't purchased them, will now be available again for sale. 

There's a reason why I've always recommended the website of my publisher as the place to shop. E-publishers have secure buy features, and you can purchase in the format you need for reading.

Income for authors is higher if you purchase from the publisher's site because satellite sellers such as Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, etc., take a percentage of the retail price listed. They pay publishers the rest, and the author's royalties are based on a percentage of what the publisher receives rather than on the retail price.

If we want to continue supporting this e-industry, it's better to purchase from the publisher's website when possible.

For self-published books you must buy from the satellite sellers where the author has placed their books. My books are all on Amazon, but not necessarily on other sites like Smashwords...yet.

Have a great 2017,

Dee Ann

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