Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Good afternoon!

BIG NEWS--I'm offering a $10 gift card giveaway (Amazon or Barnes and Noble) to one lucky person who signs up for my newsletter.  It's a first, this having a Dee Ann Palmer newsletter. I'll probably name it In Every Age or In Every Age, The Heart Loves. Leave a comment here to be entered for the giveaway, or contact me at encage4818 at mypacks dot net with "News" in the subject line. (You know the format routine for emails.) Later, NIGHT RIDER  will be FREE, and the newsletter will let you know when.

Hubbie and I saw The Man From Uncle yesterday in our local theater and loved it! Then we overslept this morning, so I've barely finished my breakfast and checked my emails. We'd also seen the latest Mission Impossible film and loved that, too, but I think I enjoyed the relationships in Uncle more. Probably because I write romance? Anyway, Bond is a loner.

The fabulous TRS Party has ended, and Jennifer Schaber won the free copy of NIGHT RIDER. I gifted it to her via Amazon, which works really great. Right now it's only available on Amazon, but I believe they can format it to any eReader you have. If you'd like it...WAIT UNTIL I OFFER IT FREE LATER THIS MONTH OR NEXT. I'll let you know here or via my newsletter.

See my previous post for more about NIGHT RIDER, or read part of the first chapter on Amazon.

This month we have two birthdays in my family, but it'll be too hot to have a party. Sad face, since one of the birthdays will be mine.

Happy Tuesday!


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