Monday, January 9, 2017

All Romance eBooks closed December 31, 2016

First, I need you to know that Google has now encrypted this email address to make it more secure. It should have an "s" after the "http." From now on, use

Here's the story behind the closure of All Romance eBooks, formerly a great sales site. Public records indicate this to be a sad, sad story of shenanigans between the founding co-owners, who refuse to pay royalties due to publishers and authors who were doing business with them. Writers and publishers are upset not only because of being cheated—often of thousands of dollars—but because so many of us sold so well through this seller.

The books have disappeared from the removed site, but some publishers are offering to replace them free if you have proof of purchase. Most publishers are quickly finding a new outlet for the books which, if you haven't purchased them, will now be available again for sale. 

There's a reason why I've always recommended the website of my publisher as the place to shop. E-publishers have secure buy features, and you can purchase in the format you need for reading.

Income for authors is higher if you purchase from the publisher's site because satellite sellers such as Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes and Noble, etc., take a percentage of the retail price listed. They pay publishers the rest, and the author's royalties are based on a percentage of what the publisher receives rather than on the retail price.

If we want to continue supporting this e-industry, it's better to purchase from the publisher's website when possible.

For self-published books you must buy from the satellite sellers where the author has placed their books. My books are all on Amazon, but not necessarily on other sites like Smashwords...yet.

Have a great 2017,

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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Lots of other prizes for readers and 3 lucky authors
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In what should be the safest of places, meet an R.N. you would never hope to meet.
Run the streets of Los Angeles and find death in the most unexpected of places.
 Learn science's answer to why some people kill and others do not in this short collection of murder mysteries

Read an Excerpt from Where Eagles Cry
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Friday, September 23, 2016


A romance with paranormal elements
by Dee Ann Palmer
…He was leaning against the huge oak tree near the garage, arms crossed, his white shirt open at the throat, his dark trousers snug over strong thighs and the expected fullness where they met.
Little tremors of desire surged through her.
His long, black hair—hair the color of hers—gleamed in the moonlight. Shadows accentuated the perfect planes of his face and changed his eyes into pools of darkness, but she knew his eyes were the rich blue of sapphires. Almost cobalt…like her eyes.

Primordial joy soared within her as she recognized him. She hugged herself, her body aching from his absence. She had waited a very long time, and he was such a beautiful being standing there in the moonlight, calling to her. She longed to be near him, to be absorbed by him, overwhelmed by him…

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Friday, August 12, 2016

#MySexySaturday Blog Hop - Excerpt Where Eagles Cry



On a rancho, when Méjico
ruled California

“I have little time for softness, Tia.”

“Nonsense. Your father ran this ranch alone and no one dared call him soft, yet this house was filled with his music.”

Reluctantly, Miguel drew a guitar from a recessed area nearby, tuned the instrument and began to play. His aunt bent to her piecework again, and Cara sat spellbound by the pure classical beauty of the notes. In those moments the people in the room did not exist for him, only the music did. When he sang softly in Spanish as he played, she realized not only was she hearing a style of music few Americans had ever heard, she was experiencing a little of the soul of the man before her.

The music faded and died. Miguel smiled almost impishly and said, “You sigh so sadly, Miss Lindsay. The music did not please you?”

Blushing, she answered, “It pleased me very much. Your artistry makes my playing seem embarrassingly inept and amateurish.”

She had never seen him smile, and the wonder of it filled her with warmth.

“Never apologize. Your freshness of touch would delight any listener.”

Even as she thanked him he turned and put the instrument away. His face, which had softened into a smile, was a mask again, his manner that of the aristocrat as he nodded to her and bid Arturo and his aunt goodnight. It was as if those moments with the music had not taken place.

From across the room, Arturo had watched silently, his usually smiling face solemn and guarded.
Where Eagles Cry
 - Published by Dee Ann Palmer -

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Every time I write something, I worry that I'm innocently making mistakes. I wish my editors were here to go over this and correct me where I'm wrong, but they are not, so here goes…

As I judge entries for romance contests, it seems to me entrants might be better served if they became familiar with the Chicago Manual of Style and a Merriam-Webster dictionary, which are standards in the industry. Better yet, if they paid for a professional editor to go over their stories and books first. Naturally, there are differences among publishers about certain things they might prefer. For instance, if you write "She showered, shampooed her hair, and scrubbed her nails," do you eliminate that second comma or not? If you keep it, that style is called "serial commas." What about if you end a sentence with the word too, would you put a comma before it? Again, that's up to your publisher's house style.

I read many well written books whose scores I have to lower because of repetitions and errors in grammar and punctuation. I do it because even if the setting, characterizations, motivation, goal and conflict are there, simple things—like too many commas, or how an en, em and a hyphen differ and how to use them—can muddy the waters and slow the reader down. Years ago, another author suggested to watch for too many just, that, very or thing in your pieces. Adverbs ending in ly are another common repetition.

Words ending in ing are gerunds, and there are hyphenation rules for their use too. CMoS 7.85

"Well written" is in this piece. I questioned whether it needed a hyphen, and so I looked it up in Merriam-Webster and found it does not. I've learned that if it isn't in that dictionary as hyphenated or it doesn't fit what the Chicago reference tells you to do, then you leave the mark out. The M-W dictionary has a list at the bottom of the page showing whether or not a hyphen is used with non. (It's nonfiction, by the way, although you'll often see that mistake in printed things.) Great stuff to know, and easy to find. If you go to self, there are pages of words to reference. Self-published, by the way, is correct. Despite reading it online both ways.

Recently, I'm seeing things like Irish-American, etc., being hyphenated when we haven't been doing it that way before now. My 16th edition of CMoS (2010), 8.38, says some people feel hyphenation reflects bias. CMoS doesn't consider the mark represents bias and can be omitted because it "doesn't aid comprehension." However, if your publisher requires it, use it.

I bought these tools because knowing all these rules aren't things I remember from day to day. Maybe you would find them helpful as well.  

We pay to enter contests. Adding a freelance romance editor's fee might make you cringe, but it may also be the best money you've ever spent. 

Enjoy your week. Stay cool!

Dee Ann


She's the daughter of a billionaire. He's a law student and the son of a plumber. Will their romance survive when he learns she's hidden who she really is?


Friday, March 4, 2016

#MySexySaturday - Dee Ann Palmer and View From The Top

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My Work In Progress is retooling an older story...View From The Top
I hope to self publish it soon.
Their passion melts the sand to glass on the beaches of southern California.
(Keegan is learning her father's construction business from the bottom up. In this scene she's roofing.)
As she sank to her padded knees and reached to position a square, she became aware of movement in the windows of a house below the condos where she worked. This in itself wasn’t unusual. The half-naked man she saw was.
Keegan inhaled sharply at the bronzed body with its taut, well-defined pecs, and abs. A dark mat of fine hair covered his chest, narrowing as it angled down to white Jockeys—the sole item of clothing covering his body’s perfect proportions. She stopped the wolf whistle forming on her lips. There was no need to create the illusion among the men she worked with that she was a female “Peeping Tom”...
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Friday, February 5, 2016

#MySexySaturday - Where Eagles Cry

Her eyes locked on him, Cara waited as he weighed her suggestion.

Miguel knew she was not aware of how he had studied her. Of how he had observed her startling green eyes, and skin so fair it was almost luminescent beneath a faint spattering of freckles. She was taller than Desira, and ever so much stronger despite her slender frame. He knew just how much her full breasts had risen when emboldened by her passion for what she viewed as an injustice. He imagined how soft the curve of her hips and how silken her skin would be minus the impediment of all those petticoats and pantaloons.

Passion of a much different sort from what she’d exhibited stirred his loins, something seldom experienced since his wife’s injury—not even when Rosita flaunted herself at him, danced with him. He rested his booted foot on the hearth again to ease the tightness in his pants and take his mind off that part of his male anatomy.

He had known how young and reportedly lovely Cara Lindsay was when he'd hired her. He admitted that in his loneliness he had wanted someone of her gender and age on his ranch. A woman he could talk to, not a child.

He liked her, liked her fire and the way she made him feel alive again. But she was not to know this. At least not now. He sighed. Not ever.